Five Health Benefits Of Using Cannabis Regularly

Cannabis has become a lot popular now than it was a decade or so ago. In earlier times, cannabis was only known to be an addictive drug; however, with the passage of time people are becoming more aware of its benefits. Marijuana, as cannabis is also known, is not only something which gives you a high but it has several health benefits. In the early 1900s, this wonder drug was deemed as illegal. It was even called as �poison’ that should be banned from sale and use. However, as time passed by, people realized that marijuana is neither poisonous nor harmful for human health but it is actually beneficial for them. Currently, in more than 20 states of the USA the use of cannabis is now legal. The state laws might require you to carry an ID card or the like which states that you are required to use the drug for health reasons.

As the laws became stricter against the use of cannabis, more and more researchers spent their valuable time to find out about the plant drug. Health experts have been constantly working to find out more about this miraculous plant so that suffering patients can get relief from pain and troubles. There are several health benefits of using cannabis that you might be unaware of. Keep reading to find out how this miracle plant has helped solved the agonies of millions of patients all over the globe.

1. Glaucoma – This eye condition causes a lot of trouble to the one who suffers from it. When a person has glaucoma, his may lose vision and the optic nerve of the eye may also get damaged due to the pressure created in the eyeball. When a glaucoma patient uses cannabis for medical purpose, the pressure in the eyes become lowered as a result of which his vision and optic nerve can be protected.

2. Epileptic Seizures – It has been proven by scientific studies that the use of marijuana can be helpful for patients suffering from epileptic seizures. The research was conducted on rats with epilepsy and it was noticed that after being administered a safe level of cannabis, the rats were rid of seizures for more than 9 hours. When a human epileptic patient is given the drug while having seizures, it is expected that his suffering will improve. When marijuana is given to the patient, the brain cells responsible for regulating relaxation and controlling excitability is bound giving relief to the sufferer.

3. Cancer – The disease of cancer has troubled millions of lives all over the world for the past several decades. When cancer was spreading in earlier times, doctors did not know how to stop it effectively or lower its risks. As time has evolved and researches have been made, there are some steps that can be taken to lower the risks of death by cancer. The use of marijuana is also known to lower the spread of cancerous cells. It has been researched that when laboratory experts used canniboids, an extract of cannabis, for treating cancer cells, the extremity level of the cancerous cells decreased. It gives hope to millions of cancer patients in the United States and abroad.

4. Anxiety – One of the fastest growing health issues in people all over the globe is anxiety. Not only aged people but we also witness young adults suffering from anxiety. It has become a growing concern of doctors, health professionals, and parents to control anxiety so that people can lead a stress-free and relaxed life. When cannabis is given to an anxious patient in low quantity, it will help elevate his mood and he is expected to feel better.

5. Alzheimer’s Disease – The number of old people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease is growing by the day. There are many old men and women that suffer from this disease which largely affects the brain affecting the memory of the patient. When a patient suffering from Alzheimer’s is given cannabis in optimal quantity, it is expected that his brain functions will improve and he will show lesser symptoms of the disease.

The use of marijuana or cannabis is legal in more than 20 states of the US and it is expected that it will be legal in other states too in the future. In the meantime, more researches will be conducted and people will be aware of its benefits.